Model-turned-activist Heather Mills is planning to give 80 per cent of the cash she wins in a divorce settlement with ex Sir Paul McCartney to charity - but she can't talk about it. The amputee, who publicly blasted the former Beatle on TV this week (beg29Oct07) for failing to support her after they split, fears a judge will rule against giving her a large cash settlement if she confirms she plans to give most of it away. But, in an interview with U.S. news show Access Hollywood, Mills hinted about her plans. Show host Billy Bush asked, "If I'm to understand this correctly... when the settlement is over... 80 per cent of whatever you get is going to charity?" Mills replied, "Well, I can't officially say that because then I won't get it, because the judge will say, `If you're going to do that with it, you can't have it!' So I can't say that. "But I have, in my life, given 80 per cent of my income to charity." But before anyone will get anything from the divorce, Mills insists she has a huge legal debt to pay. She adds, "I owe one and a half million to my lawyers."