Heather Mills has openly blamed Stella Mccartney for the breakdown of her marriage to the designer's father in an explosive new U.S. TV interview. The glamour model-turned-activist, who is currently embroiled in a divorce battle with Sir Paul MCCartney, snapped during an appearance on U.K. show GMTV on Wednesday (31Oct07) and she followed up her headline-grabbing rant with a series of angry interviews in America on Thursday (01Nov07). After blasting her estranged husband for not supporting her in her ongoing battle with the British media on breakfast show Today, Mills turned on the former Beatle's daughter on news show Extra. She raged, "Every single week Stella tried to break up our marriage. She was so jealous. "Stella wasn't interested in her dad's happiness. I can't protect her any longer. She's done some evil, evil things." Mills reveals she was hurt when she discovered Stella had scratched out her face in a photograph when they were "in a psychiatric session together". And the former model reveals she has evidence she has gathered against the "untouchable" MCCartney family that she'll make public if her divorce battle turns nasty. She added, "It's a very difficult thing but, if it's going to carry on, then I'm going to have to tell all the truth."