Former model Heather Mills tried to show her solidarity with her step-daughter Stella Mccartney by shopping at the fashion designer's London store this week (ends06FEB04).

Mills married McCartney's BEATLES star dad SIR PAUL two years ago (JUN02), but Stella, 32, is still said to harbour ill feelings towards the 36-year-old.

But Heather - who maintains she gets on fine with Stella - was happy to be seen buying several items from McCartney's eponymous Mayfair store.

A fellow shopper reports, "Heather marched into the shop as proud as can be and stayed in there for half an hour. She browsed through lots of clothes and bags and bought a lot of things.

"It seemed as if she paid full price for the goods, which included a pair of trousers and a top.

"She didn't mind people noticing her in the store - in fact she was positively revelling in it, as if she was showing off that she was there."

06/02/2004 02:26