Heather Mills wants to create a cartoon mocking Sir Paul McCartney and his family, according to reports. British newspaper the Sunday Mirror claims Mills is planning the animation - dubbed The MCFartneys - to be a cross between the Simpsons and South Park. It is claimed the former BEATLE would be portrayed as a flatulent and miserly cannabis-smoker and his daughter STELLA as a control-freak with a grudge against Heather - while Heather herself is made out to be a homemaker struggling to juggle family life with her career. The Mirror claims Mills plans to slightly alter names so MCCartneys are still are easily recognisable. She has even set up a production company, Raspberry Fields - a reference to Beatles song STRAWBERRY FIELDS - and has registered variations of "MCFartneys" on the world wide web. A source tells the newspaper, "This shows the lengths Heather will go to in her attempts to blacken Paul's name. "She wants it to be a cross between The Simpsons and South Park and reckons it will get cult status. She'll clearly be sadly mistaken. "She's saying the series will expose everything that has gone on and goes on in the MCCartney family, all under the guise of the cartoon characters. But most of it has been dreamed up and cast from her own skewed imagination. "She has been desperately trying to keep the idea secret while she hunts for the right person to bring the characters to life. She has spoken to Sex And The City creator DARREN STAR and Hollywood director DENNIS ERDMAN about which networks to approach and who may be interested in the series. "Her back-up, if no one will take it, is to produce it for the internet, because she knows that even if the networks are too afraid to go against Paul, people will tune into it."