Heather Mills came close to launching her own fragrance - but the deal was scrapped when her then-husband Sir Paul McCartney found out about the plans.
Mills' ex-publicist Michele Elyzabeth claims to have set up the agreement in 2005, while Mills was still married to the former Beatle.
And the contract would have seen the former glamour model create a perfume called Voice with U.S. fashion label Tommy Bahama.
The company reportedly requested that both stars featured in the advertisements and Mills is said to have given the company one of their wedding photos to use in the promos.
However, Elyzabeth claims she was forced to terminate the deal - after MCCartney refused to let the idea go ahead.
She says, "The company suggested using a photo of them both, Heather reckoned that would work and emailed them one of her wedding pictures. But when the ad came back (for approval) I got this phone call from Heather saying the project had to be scrapped immediately.
"Heather told me that when she showed Paul the adverts he hit the roof. She told me he shouted at her, 'Are you f**king mad?'
"Tommy Bahama weren't interested in Heather alone. The deal fell through because she wasn't a big enough star."
Mills and MCCartney finalised their divorce earlier this year (08).