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do think anyone gives a poo poo about Mill$$$$$she has the fan on reverse, now its throwing poo poo on her!!!she probably enjoy it, the multitude of fallious crap from her toilet tongue. pun! pun! pun! Mill$$$$$.the world sure enjoys watching the loonie toonie shows you apppeared on last week.mill$$$ has mastered the art of speaking with forked venomous tongue.

Posted 8 years 10 months ago by njmralo

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suicide, huh!! to bad mill$$$$ is manifesting an additonal side of her psychotic, and so far untruthful. To date all her behavior has pointed directly to her oh so not stable personality.grab up your gazellion fake legs, give custody of the beautiful child to sir paul and his family. Mill$$$$ dillusional actions, have more than provedher mental state is at such a point, unqestionably, and without a shred of doubt not one of a person who should be housed in a psycho ward,where she could be proprely handled. her break with reality was well in place.such acrimonious behavior constitues screams for attention from the proper persons as in INPATIENT in the looney bin, perhaps with a straight jacket, psychotropic medication, and in a padded cell.Thank the lord sir paul saw the diabolical side of her inability to discern truth, reality, and acceptable actions permitted in the real world.initianally attempted attention with her vituperative tyrads to the press, then nepotisim (which she surely never had or would devop)without a doubt a person who should be esconded in a hospital and forgotten.she is lashing out and projecting quite well how insane she really is. Mill$$$$$ is a threat to Bea, sir paul and his family.sir paul saw what the real mill$$$$ was like, and a decision made that she was best sent away and or forgotten.Mill$$$$ is conducting a personal vile war against the world. One that no one can win, finally showing the population of the globe how socially incorrect and dangerious tales of terror which is taking place in the most horrific part of her irreputive and stunted in was most people have of a brain. The sawdust between her ears is further sinking into a chasm.Mill$$$ should not be around sir pauls family, including Bea. This is not a joking matter, although she has presented herself as a baffoon.Serious attention will be required if any salvagable part of a brain she is lacking.Enough with her bs, it is time to lock her up and the key thrown away.Mill$$$ is in serious need of medical intervention. Her psychotic escalating condition is NOT something sir paul should be concerned with, several doctor will probably have to be put in charge of her.sir paul and his family should run away as fast as possible,pending her rehabilitation in the hospital.that day, is not forseen rather, it is clear what depths mill$$$ is willing to sink to, proving that she is inability to co exist in society. persons who exhibit such behavior are seriously mentally ill, not even close to being a role model for a child, a wife, or a person of reason. Moreover, the actions she continually exhibits, pose a threat to society.telling someone about suicidal thoughts is indicative of a person who is so severely mentally ill, who most probably has any resonable hope of cure. cured. she is way out of control. Any possibility of behavior change for the positive is doubtful. People who want to self distruct, dont sit around and talk about doing so, they do it. hers is a scream for attention voiced on national tv.the discussion of this descison is cause for socialital harm to those around them.there can be no reasonable anticipation that such a person will ever recover from said mental condition. Such aridiculous performances on the part of mill$$$ serves only how seriously ill she trully is. her behavior, moreover serves only to highlight how far a field they trully are. serving only to be self destructive

Posted 8 years 11 months ago by njmralo

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So Heather's at the point of killing herself because she's not getting her way and doesn't like the reaction of Paul's fans. That should really send up a red flag to the judge in their divorce case. This woman obviously isn't emotionally fit to raise a 4 year old. The judge should grant custody of Bea to Sir Paul, give Heather whatever amount of money Sir Paul agrees on, deem them divorced, and hopefully Heather will go back to being the little nobody tramp she was before meeting Sir Paul, and the public will never have to hear about her ever again.

Posted 8 years 11 months ago by Jeanie eBeeson

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