Heather Mills McCARTNEY and ALEC BALDWIN shocked American TV viewers on CNN on Sunday night (11DEC05) when they debuted a horrific new dog and cat-skinning video.

The two celebrities joined a panel on the Larry King LIVE news show to discuss China's inhumanities towards domestic pets.

And, as part of the show, Mills McCartney showed a new People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) video, shot in a warehouse this summer (05).

The graphic video featured footage of dogs and cats, crammed into cages, being hurled from vans and being skinned alive.

The activist, who is married to Sir Paul McCartney, used the show to call for new worldwide regulations to make it illegal to skin animals alive for their fur.

She said, "Why don't they make a law that they don't do it...? Why don't you just slit an animal's throat, which is a horrific thing to do anyway, but to actually just skin it alive and leave it to die for 20 minutes, it's sick."

Baldwin urges his fellow Americans to view the harrowing new PETA research footage because he's convinced they'll be so outraged by the sick treatment of the animals they'll be compelled to do something.

He added, "The great thing about people who are inclined in this country to care about these things is they don't need anybody to tell them what's on that tape. You see that tape and you see that is abuse of animals."