Former model Heather Mills does not regret her marriage to Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney - because she fell pregnant after years of heartache.
Mills and MCCartney endured a messy public divorce earlier this year (08) after six years of marriage.
She claims she became a hate figure in Britain and was seen as a gold digger for marrying MCCartney just four years after the death of his long-term wife Linda.
During their divorce battle, court papers leaked in which Mills falsely claimed MCCartney was an abusive husband, a drunk, and a wife-beater.
But now she has spoken out about their marriage - and insists she does not regret it because it gave her a daughter.
Mills tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "How would you feel if you had been through what I have? But no, how can I regret something which gave us our beautiful daughter Beatrice.
"I went through six miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies before I had her. I was told I could never have children and now I have her and she's just fantastic. I adore her. So no, I could never regret something which gave me Beatrice.
"But I'm ready to move on in my life now. I'm not a negative person. I want to move on positively. I need to look at the bigger picture, which means helping those causes close to my heart."