Heather Mills at hit back at estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney by branding him a "controlling husband" in legal papers filed in London's High Court yesterday (14AUG06). The former model wed MCCartney in 2002, but the couple announced they were separating in May (06) after nearly four years of marriage. They have a two-year-old daughter BEATRICE MILLY together. And Mills has countered the former beatle's allegations that she was "argumentative" and "rude to staff", with her lawyer ANTHONY JULIUS stating MCCartney "always put his own interests above hers". A source close to the 38-year-old tells British newspaper the Daily Mail, "In recent weeks everyone has been able to see how controlling he is by the way he has locked her out of the marital home and written legal letters about her borrowing cleaning fluids. "Heather had to put up with that sort of control-freak behaviour throughout the marriage. She also had to put up wioth the fact he would change his plans at a whim and expect her to drop everything to be with him. "He did not care that she also had work to do."