Heather Mills' former publicist has taken aim at the charity queen in a bid to recoup the $100,000 (GBP50,000) she claims the ex-MRS. Paul McCartney owes her for her services.
Michele Elyzabeth resigned as Mills' media representative earlier this month (Jul08) following a series of rows with the former model.
And now she's going public with her take on her former client, alleging the videotaped footage of an abusive MCCartney she threatened to show to the court during the couple's high-profile divorce battle never existed.
Elyzabeth dropped the bombshell during a recent taped interview with U.S. news show Access Hollywood, which aired in America on Monday (28Jul08).
Mills' former rep said, "I really don't believe she did (have the video). I was close enough and I heard a couple of conversations. Now that I know what I know, I don't really think that Paul really went after her for anything.
"She had basically nothing - she had tapes of her being in the studio with him, her being on the road with him, private moments.
"She told me a bunch of stuff... (but) I don't see him being a violent person."