The ex-husband of Heather Mills has leaped to the defence of Sir Paul McCartney in his forthcoming divorce battle, insisting the former model repeatedly attacked him during their two-year marriage. Businessman ALFIE KARMAL was stunned to read alleged leaked documents in the British press claiming the former beatle physically and verbally abused Mills. Karmal brands Mills a "compulsive liar" and insists she is far more likely to resort to domestic violence than the singer. He recalls, "We had a lot of rows, then she'd attack and slap me. Attack is the best form of defence for Heather. "She kicked me off a bed once. I was kneeling and she kicked me in the chest, knocking me off backwards. It was really painful. I never hit Heather back, but I felt like it sometimes." Karmal also claims he sent Mills to a psychologist to deal with her "truth issues" during the relationship, insisting, "It wouldn't surprise me if she made everything up. She is a compulsive liar." Karmal, 48, split from Mills in 1991 after just 20 months together.