Heather Mills has been accused of embellishing her claims she was abducted as a schoolgirl by the lawyer of her fellow kidnap victim. In Mills' 2002 autobiography A SINGLE STEP, the former model claims she and her next door neighbour MARGARET AMBLER spent three days captive in her swimming coach's house in Tyne and Wear, northern England, 30 years ago (76), before being rescued by police. Sir Paul McCartney's estranged wife, 38, also claimed the man committed suicide following the abduction. However, Ambler's lawyer GRAHAM ATKINS said that while his client was sexually assaulted by the swimming coach, known as MR MORRIS, she and Mills were not subjected to the three-day ordeal. Atkins says, "We sued Ms Mills over misuse of private information in her book. We took an action for a breach of privacy and she had to settle for payment of damages and legal costs. "Heather Mills basically embellished the incident. There was no three-day kidnap; the guy didn't commit suicide. "It was an extraordinary thing (for Ms Mills) to do." Mills' father Mark Mills, 65, insists he has no recollection of his daughter's kidnap, saying, "I don't know why she would claim a thing like that."