Heather Mills has called for the publication of the full court transcripts from her divorce case with Sir Paul McCartney.

The former model was awarded £24.3 million at the high court in London on Monday as her lengthy legal battle with the ex-Beatle drew to a close.

But the publication of the judge's official ruling the following day revealed she was seen as a "less than impressive" witness whose testimony was "not just inconsistent and inaccurate but also less than candid".

While Mr Justice Bennett saw Sir Paul as a "consistent, accurate and honest" witness, he did not view Mills in the same light, leading her to request that the full court transcripts be released.

In a statement issued on GMTV on Friday morning, she said: "As the record shows, I had no wish for these proceedings to be made public, but releasing them in part is particularly unfair.

"It seems an overall tabloid-created perception of my personality is preferred to much detail that I prepared for my case.

"I would suggest in the interests of fairness, it is now in the public interest to reveal the transcripts of the full court proceedings.

"As this judgement is now being used to further my vilification, details contained within the transcripts and evidence will paint a far fairer and truthful picture which is surely in the interests of justice."

Mills has also claimed her privacy has been breached b y the publication of Mr Justice Bennett's ruling.

"A person has a right to privacy when they enter a family court and this was taken away from me," she added. "This decision appears to have been taken with disregard for my human right to privacy and that of my daughter.

"It cannot be in her interests that one parent is condemned by the media while the other is 'protected' or even revered.

"With my head held high I am glad to be a strong woman and will use my wealth productively and continue my attempts to make a positive difference in this world."

22/03/2008 12:31:54