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g'day, beatles fan and all other readers,abc had to dump her because the switchboards went wild, complaining Mill$ was on the show

Posted 9 years 2 months ago by njmralo

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Your comments were: that is the best joke ive heard lately.did Mill$graduate kindergarten yet?has she learned the art of successfulenuncation of the english language yet????????????????? She failedthat test more times than can be counted on two hands and twofeet.or does she think the university will admit her because of herlong ridiculousnepotition????????????????????????????????????????????????back tobed Mill$. Maybe however doubfull, mill$ thinks practicing thehorizontal tango on the couch of the dean of the university.Dontthink the dean will permit her along with the infamiy which is inheritantto her public presentations.even a penny is too much for anyone topay for her lack of services

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by njmralo

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Posted 9 years 4 months ago by njmralo

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In what lifetime??????????????????? everyone in the usa turned their tv's off or hurled whenher name was announced/take a pole before you print anything missy mill$or her PAID "fans" LEAK TO THE PRESS.was she handing out bribes or just doing her porno for the pleasure of the judges to insure she wouldnt be dumped from the program;\either way, she is a sneaky prevaricator who has ruined more lives that anyone who ever existed since the beginning of time???? Did everyone forget she was a ho or did they leave her on the program to fulfill their pleasures, whether male or female, she dosent distinguish between the two, when a dollar is flashed in her face.if that is not a ho, what is it? pig, slovenly, moofugly, liar and worshiper of money who has denigrated enough lives?ask me. she has always stunk and ruined as many lifes as she could/ looks like she hasent reverted to her true vocation crocidile tears aside. she is a ho and nothing will change her disgusting activities, chasing around men who are wealthy in the hopes she will catch one who will put her on easy street.

Posted 9 years 4 months ago by njmralo

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sure mill$$$ did! does she think people in the usa want her since it is blatantly known, that the uk,doesnt want her, mill$$$ must have really like the pig pen. she may have thought the were laughing with her, when in face millS$S$$S$ comic relief,YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$natcabella, Trampolin!bimbisimo!!!!!!!!!!what the frak was she smoking? was she drink booze. Mill$$$ must be a real certifiable lunatic.since she "cant work, has no means to support herself in the custom she fantasies she had.a million$$$ was removed from the acct of sr paul by Mill$$$$. if she ever actually lived on earth, she would realize that incubators are not paid, only the cost of carrying a fetus to term and medical care of the same type, all which stop on the date the child is born(i think you call it a surrogate")Anyway, Mill$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ get the frak out of the usa and stay away, we dont want you.send letters to the station and producers if you want her off the program(new name is kbmnj on hotmail until i can get to the ususal one.Howdie, beatles fan

Posted 9 years 4 months ago by njmralo

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too bad mill$$$ didnt reveal that the offers were to buy her a plane fare to uk. why is she still here???? trying her best to get a following in the use, a futile waste of time.should she remain on the show, dont think the american public wont start sending letters in to the station complaining that a prostitute is on the show.Sooooooooooooooooo, if u live in the us, get out your pen and paper and get the movement going. emaila are ok, however, with a letter pile at producers office makes a much more effective statement.will she being servicing the judges???????????????????????????????? (male or female, she makes no distinction!)THE people of the uk, the us, the pigs, the people who lives under london bridge dont want her around.pretty pathetic, dont u think.Mill$ also had an offer* from the red light sectiion of nyc to get on her knees and service johns for $$$. Considering her backround, it may have been her forte at one time. Now if she undresses, the john's will run. so its safer to keep the clothes on, she will be lucky to earn $1.00 per trick.No one in the usa wants you, get lost.Im sending a letter to immigration right now petitioning an embargo on her returning here. care to join me?

Posted 9 years 4 months ago by's picture

Where do your writers get they're news? I wonder why I read this rag. She hasn't won s**t, Heather Mills is still a gold digging wanna-be porn star. The producers of "Dancing with the has-been stars" are only keeping her on because they think people will tune-in just to see her leg fly off! Poll me if you think she's won over the U.S..

Posted 9 years 4 months ago by Jon S

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She may have won some over, but that will all change when they find out what she is really like, as did Sir Paul. She can only keep up these pretentions for so long, then her true colors will show through, as they do in all liars. Wait and see, Hey Mill$$ ever hear the term fly high and land on a cow turd.

Posted 9 years 4 months ago by beatlefan

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I didnt realize Mill$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, had returned home to the twlight zonewho in God's name thinks the bimbalina "won over" the united states? It would be a good idea to ask the usa, prior to printing liable.she is a disgusting carpetbagger who suks on unknowing persons with $$$. Stalks each until one finally marries her, in Mill$ futile and ludicrious attempt to pretend to be amazingly pathetic.Then, trys to hook them for big$$$ by giving birth to a child after she accidently has a miscarriage shortly after, steals as much $$$ from the accounts of her spouse (man or woman, it is obvious she doesnt distingush. her sole requirement is that they have enough $$$ so she can enter into a divorce negotiation for even more $$$$$)yo! Mill$$$$, you may youre fooling everyone, when in fact the only person you are fooling is yourself.the press releases whatever bs you purport as truth, whether or not your sstatments and hallucinations contain veracity.Ka ka, i see its five after the hour, she probably changed her mind or forget what she said on the hour.Enough of her bs, pleasse, NO ONE cares who you aspire to be or what new means of hooking $$$$. dont you remember? you do that on your back..Please dont take your close off, you will scare your johns away.Or perhahps, performing your famous sexual act which ususally requires one to be on their knees (you have two of them)adios, beach, dont bother trying to "storm" the usa. We have real news here, it DOES NOT include YOU.

Posted 9 years 4 months ago by njmralo

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In view of her standings with Sir Paul McCartney, I feel she should stay in her country. I am sorry, but I can not even look at her knowing what she has done to Paul. Dancing, or whatever, why not in HER country???

Posted 9 years 4 months ago by RNBSN

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