LATEST: The judge overseeing the divorce battle between Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney has criticised the former glamour model for giving "unreliable" evidence and indulging in "make-belief". Mills lost an appeal at London's High Court on Tuesday (18Mar08) to stop details of the case from entering the public domain and Judge Mr Justice Bennett has subsequently published his findings. The 40-year-old won $33 million (GBP16.5 million) cash and assets worth $15.6 million (GBP7.8 million) following the breakdown of her four-year marriage to the former Beatle on Monday (17Mar08). But Judge Bennett accused Mills of being a "less than an impressive witness" saying that her evidence was "not just inconsistent and inaccurate but also less than candid". The judge also called many of her demands of her estranged husband "unreasonable". In his report, Mills is said to have asked for $998,000 (GBP499,000) a year to pay for holidays for herself and the former couple's daughter - and the figure included money to charter helicopters and private jets. Mills argued this was in keeping with her lifestyle while she was married to MCCartney . But Judge Bennett slammed her claims saying, "I detect symptoms of unreasonable expenditure to some extent in chartering planes which include helicopters. These items in her budget illustrate generally speaking, how unreasonable (even generously interpreted) are the claimed needs of the wife. In the absence of any sensible proposal by the wife as to her income needs I must do the best I can on the material I have. If the wife feels aggrieved about what I propose she only has herself to blame." Judge Bennett also dismissed Mills' claim that she deserved compensation for playing the role of "psychologist" to her estranged husband - insisting she counselled him through various problems relating to the death of his first wife Linda, his relationships with his children and his career. He says, "I have to say that the wife's evidence that in some way she was the husband's 'psychologist', even allowing for hyperbole, is typical of her make-belief. I wholly reject her account that she rekindled the husband's professional flame and gave him back his confidence." MCCartney and Mills split in May 2006. A further hearing to grant a decree nisi and officially dissolve their marriage will take place on 12 May (08).