Animal rights campaigner Heather Mills McCARTNEY has attacked supermodels Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell for "selling their souls to the fur trade".

The wife of Sir Paul McCartney was enraged to learn the fashion icons have sported real fur on the catwalk, despite having previously backed anti-fur protests.

The former model, who works closely with People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), fumes, "Cindy Crawford famously supported PETA's 'I'd rather go naked than wear fur' campaign, but has now sold her soul to the fur trade, as have Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell.

"These are models who were fully informed of the cruelty involved when they joined the campaign against fur, but who then decided to take the money and rejoin the industry that murders animals.

"Do they really need that cash? Are they broke? Do they live in a shed?"