Rock wife Heather Mills has hit back at claims made in a British documentary that she only married Sir Paul McCartney for his money.

Britain's CHANNEL 4 screened a controversial biography of Heather last week (begs05MAY03), in which former friends and relatives slammed her.

But now the landmine campaigner is hitting back, telling her own story on BBC programme TABLOID TALES.

She says, "I could live off my husband. I don't and I never will. He would offer me anything I wanted, but he admires and respects my independence and I don't want to be somebody that is suddenly relying on somebody else financially.

"I've seen it too many times, in too many relationships. If you give up your independence you don't feel great about yourself."

"When people say 'Heather's a golddigger', the insult is not to me, that's to Paul because they're saying he's not talented, he's not sexy, he's not good looking; there's absolutely nothing about him except his bank balance."

16/05/2003 13:30