Heather Mills has been signed up as a judge for the upcoming Miss USA pageant.

It will be 40-year-old former wife of Beatles legend Paul McCartney's first role since her highly-publicised appearances in the divorce court this week.

Despite petitioning for a pay-out of up to £125 million, MS Mills was awarded £24.3million in her divorce settlement.

The High Court judge who presided over the case branded her a "less than impressive witness" who indulged in "make believe".

Heather found fame in America with an appearance on Dancing With The Stars last year.

The Miss USA competition will take place on April 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Osmond siblings Donnie and Marie are set to host the event, which was set up by businessman Donald Trump.

The animal rights activist has hired high profile US lawyer Gloria Allred to help her improve her image in the United States.

The attorney said she was "honoured to represent Ms Mills because she respects Ms Mills' courage throughout her difficult and painful divorce", reports Showbiz Spy.

19/03/2008 10:53:59