Heather Mills, the former wife of Sir Paul McCartney, has denied she gave Piers Morgan access to her voicemail messages, despite the journalist-turned-television presenter confirming he listened to a message in 2001. Speaking at the Leveson Inquiry, Heather spoke of another incident in which MCCartney left her a "forgiveness song" - with a journalist later telling her he knew about the ditty, reports Bbc News.
Morgan, now a chat show host in America, still refuses to say when or where he heard the message because he wanted to protect a "source". Ms Mills however says she never authorized anybody to listen to her voicemails, saying, "I couldn't quite believe that he would even try to insinuate, a man that has written nothing but awful things about me for years, would relish in telling the court if I had played a voicemail message to him". Mills, who has endured years of public hatred directed towards her following her divorce from MCCartney, said press coverage of her was favourable before the relationship, saying, "As soon as I met him (Sir Paul) it became 'one-legged bitch' and 'cow' and every awful word you can think of".
Earlier in the day, former News of the World news editor Ian Edmonson had suggested there was a "culture of bullying" at the publication, accusing former editor Colin Myler of being specifically a part of that culture.