Heather Mills has failed to prevent the publication of the ruling that saw her awarded £24.3 million in her divorce with Sir Paul McCartney.

The former model did not appeal the financial settlement but was opposed to the publication of the ruling due to fears over breaches of her and her daughter's Beatrice's privacy.

"I'm not appealing against the judgment because it's not worth it," she explained.

"I'm appealing against the publication of it because it has so many details of me and my daughter in it.

However Mills' appeal was rejected, meaning that the full judgment - which could contain details of Beatrice's birthday and addresses of properties owned by Mills and Sir Paul - will now be published.

Sir Paul will pay his ex-wife £16.5 million while the remainder of the sum will be retained in £7.8 million of assets she already possesses.

The former Beatle will fund Beatrice's school fees as well as paying an annual child support sum of £35,000.

Some lawyers had predicted sums as high as £200 million could have been awarded in the case.

Mills said on Monday she was very happy to have secured her future and that of the charities to whom she has dedicated her life.

"Obviously the courts do not want a litigating person to do well," she continued.

"It's against everything that they ever wished, so when they write the judgement up, they're never going to make it in my favour."

She claimed her former husband had offered £15.8 million, a figure "a lot less" than that finally awarded and expressed regret that he had made a "last minute" decision to put her and daughter Beatrice through the divorce proceedings.

"What I'd like to say - being a campaigning girl – [for] anybody wanting to go through a divorce, try your hardest, man or woman, to settle it immediately," she added.

"Make [sure] you do all your research and save yourself a fortune."

She also criticised Sir Paul's legal representative Fiona Shackleton for handling the case "in the worst manner imaginable".

18/03/2008 11:53:39