Heather Mills McCARTNEY is appalled by the declassification of marijuana in Britain - because she thinks all drugs are "disgusting".

The model and activist, who is married to former pot smoker Sir Paul McCartney, insists she has never understood why anyone uses recreational drugs - and always berates those who think it's OK to puff in front of her.

She says, "I used to say, 'Only losers do drugs, you've got to go for some therapy, what's the matter with you?.' Now I have a bit more understanding, I'm older and wiser but if I saw someone take a puff from a joint, I would freak out completely.

"I would run round with my air freshener saying, 'This stinks, get it out of my house.'

"We know people in mental institutions through marijuana; some people can smoke it and it does nothing, but if you've got a light chemical imbalance you can literally create so much damage to yourself and bring on paranoia and depression.

"I'm horrified that it's been declassified in England. It's horrific... All drugs are disgusting."