Actress Heather Locklear won't be part of the Melrose Place update - because she's not convinced writers can find a way of bringing her character AMANDA WOODWARD back.
Locklear was considered a definite for the remake of the 1980s soap, but she has turned down an offer to join the cast.
A source tells, "There wasn't a way to bring her back that made sense."
The actress' reps have confirmed Locklear has declined the offer to return to the role.
The new show, which is slated to hit TV screens in America later this year (09), will feature new mum Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and David Cassidy's daughter Katie.
Meanwhile, another former Melrose Place star, Lisa Rinna, is going to extremes to land a role in the beloved TV series' remake - hitting the streets of Los Angeles to drum up support.
The actress-turned-reality TV star recently confessed she'd do anything to appear on the new show, and proved it on Wednesday (18Mar09) - by urging motorists to 'honk' for her.
Rinna, who played Taylor MCBride on the original series, worked the corner of Melrose Avenue and Melrose Place with placards stating, "Honk for Lisa Rinna on the new Melrose Place".
The actress will be baring all for Playboy this summer (09) in another attempt to boost her appeal - and land a Melrose Place return.