Sexy actress Heather Locklear is ensuring her seven-year-old daughter AVA doesn't grow up too quickly by refusing to buy her frilly underwear - but she allows her to kiss boys.

The former SPIN CITY star admits that when she was a young girl, she was often dressed in frilly panties on special occasions - but it only encouraged her to show off her under garments to little boys.

She says, "I don't have her wear fancy underwear. This is a really ridiculous story. My mom put me in these little ruffly underwear (which) we call party pants.

"I don't know why you'd put that on a six-year-old and say, 'They're your party pants!' It's obviously to go to a party in, but who's gonna see your underwear that has ruffles on 'em?

"When I was younger I showed those to (the) boys... so I don't put party pants on her."

But Locklear, married to rocker Richie Sambora, admits she's far more relaxed about Ava's early admiration for little boys, adding, "She likes to have boys come over... I said, 'Well, you want boys? You don't want girls?' She said, 'No, boys.' I go, 'What do you do in there?' She said, 'I chase them... and I catch them... and then I kiss them.' (I said) 'Okay, me too!'"

15/09/2004 08:35