Heather Locklear has reportedly been hospitalised after crashing her Porsche in Los Angeles.

The 55-year-old actress is said to have suffered minor injuries in the crash, which saw the star send her vehicle into a ditch near her home, but it's understood that neither drugs or alcohol played a part in the accident, according to TMZ.

Heather - who is, perhaps, best known for her starring roles on 'Dynasty' and 'Melrose Place' - has a history of substance abuse, as well as being involved in road incidents.

The actress was, for example, arrested in September 2008 in connection with suspicion of driving under the influence and being under the influence of a controlled substance while she was behind the wheel in California.

At the time, an eyewitness claimed Heather was ''revving her engine loudly, and backed over a pair of sunglasses several times''.

And Tom Marshall, a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol, revealed the actress was considered to be ''under the influence of prescription medication'' when the incident occurred.

Heather also pleaded no contest to misdemeanor reckless driving in January of 2009.

In light of that incident, the actress - who was previously married to musician Tommy Lee - accepted three years probation, $700 in fines and attendance of a drug program as her punishment.

But she was arrested again in 2010, when Heather was accused by the authorities of misdemeanor hit-and-run, with the Ventura County Sheriff claiming she smashed into a sign before abandoning the scene of the incident.

Sheriff's spokesman Ross Bonfiglio subsequently said: ''It appears she drove up on a curb and hit the sign.''

However, she was later cleared of any wrongdoing, with the authorities determining that there was ''insufficient evidence'' to convict her.