Heather Locklear and her former partner, Jack Wagner, have been ordered to appear at an LA Attorney's Office to determine whether or not they will be charged with criminal battery for the fight that took place at Locklear's home. At the time of the fight, neither party wanted to press charges but the file was passed to the City Attorney for review.
According to a report in The UK's Daily Mail, the reason behind Heather Locklear's recent hospitalisation was a "blowout fight" with her former fiance. Locklear and Wagner began dating in 2007 and announced their engagement in August 2011. However, by November 2011, it was announced that they had in fact split. On January 12, 2012, paramedics were called to Heather's home and she was taken to hospital for treatment, where her parents assured members of the press that she was recovering.
Today's story in The Daily Mail suggests that the fight started when her fellow Melrose Place star, Wagner, arrived at her house to return some of her possessions, sparking the ensuing fight. A source had told Star magazine that "A huge argument erupted as they insulted each other's families.as Heather went to her car, Jack lunged at her, trying to grab or push her. Her reaction was to swing." Her right hook reportedly knocked him to the ground. The report also suggests that the troubled actress has been taking Xanax to control her anxiety after splitting with Wagner. It was the combination of Xanax and alcohol that caused her sister to call the emergency services last week.