Heather Locklear is in rehab.

The 'Melrose Place' actress has checked into a treatment facility, a week after she was arrested for felony domestic violence following an alleged incident with her boyfriend Chris Heisser.

While Heather was in the clinic, police visited her home with a search warrant on Tuesday (06.03.18) and spent several hours looking for a gun.

According to TMZ, the warrant was triggered after the 56-year-old actress - who was said to be ''extremely intoxicated'' when she was arrested - threatened police when she was apprehended.

She told them: ''If you ever come back to my house I will shoot you.''

During the investigation, police discovered Heather had a handgun registered to her name, which she obtained in 1985, but they didn't find the weapon when they searched her house.

Following her arrest, Heather was charged with felony domestic battery, as well as three counts of battery on a police officer.

The Hollywood star was picked up by the police after they were called to a house in Thousand Oaks, California, following a report of domestic violence.

The officers had been called to the property by Heather's brother, after he arrived at the house and saw the star fighting with her partner.

When officers arrived, they noticed a visible mark on her boyfriend.

And when they tried to take Heather into custody, the actress is alleged to have kicked out and struck three deputies, which led to her being handcuffed and taken to hospital for evaluation.

The 'Too Close to Home' actress has been in trouble with the law before, having been arrested in September 2008 in connection with suspicion of DUI and being under the influence of a controlled substance while she was behind the wheel in California.

At the time, an eyewitness claimed Heather was ''revving her engine loudly, and backed over a pair of sunglasses several times''.

She also pleaded no contest to misdemeanour reckless driving in January of 2009.

As a result, Heather accepted three years' probation, $700 in fines and attendance of a drug programme as her punishment.

Last year, the actress was reported to have entered rehab for a fifth time.

And she said at the time: ''I am feeling great and am taking steps to enrich and better my life. Currently I am working on tying up some loose ends regarding certain issues so I can hit 2017 full steam ahead.''