Heather Locklear used to buy ugly dresses because she felt ''sorry'' for them''.

The 51-year-old actress used to feel for the unselected gowns in stores when she was younger and buy them up, although eventually changed her mind when her mother made her wear them to school.

Writing her list of 25 things people don't know about her for Us Weekly magazine, she said: ''When I was little, I felt sorry for the ugly dresses and bought them. Then my mom made me wear them to school. I got over it pretty quickly!''

Elsewhere, Heather - who has battled alcohol problems in the past - revealed her first meeting with Hollywood star Bruce Willis did not go to plan, as she fell down a flight of stairs.

She wrote: ''The first time I met Bruce Willis, I tripped down a flight of stairs. Charming!''

However, Heather's life isn't punctuated by accidents and fashion disasters as she reveals she is particularly skilled at iPhone game Angry Birds.

She added: ''I have a talent for Angry Birds.''