Gorgeous actress Heather Graham loves being set up on blind dates - because she met her current beau through one such event.

The Hope Springs beauty is romantically involved with About A Boy director CHRIS WEITZ - and loves the fact their careers don't clash.

She says, "I went through this period of getting my friends to set me up on blind dates. It kind of didn't work out at first, and then a few months later it did.

"It's fun because there's no aspect of being in the same field and competing. It's so different that it's more interesting. Like, 'Wow, he writes! That's so cool.' Plus, he's a really nice person."

But Heather - who previously dated Australian hunk HEATH LEDGER - isn't in a rush to move in with her new love.

She explains, "I've lived with two different boyfriends and at the time it seemed easy, but as you get older you realise more about your personality. I like making other people feel comfortable and sometimes I try too hard. So now I realise that I really like being alone because I'm not thinking about anyone else."