Heather Graham feels ''p***ed off'' that more stories aren't being told from a female perspective.

The 48-year-old actress has admitted she's become ''jaded'' and an ''angry feminist'' because of the lack of female representation when it comes to writing and directing in the TV and movie industries.

She explained: ''It's interesting because I went to this event that was about Shakespeare, and they were celebrating Shakespeare's birthday.

''To be honest, I guess I've become a little more jaded because I think about how many stories are told by men. We grow up in school and Shakespeare and all of these storytellers are brilliant, but where are the female writers that are writing about the story from our point of view?

''I just feel p***ed off. I feel like there should be more stories told by women about our point of view, so I'm a more angry feminist now.''

Meanwhile, Heather - who has previously starred in a number of hit comedy movies, including 'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me' - revealed what she loves about working in the genre.

She told Collider: ''I think if you really look at life too seriously, it can be so depressing. I feel like having a sense of humour about life just makes life better. That's why I love watching comedy.

''If you can have a sense of humour about yourself, or about different situations that could potentially be disturbing or depressing, then it almost feels like you're winning.''