Heather Graham claims most of her romances with actors have ended in "disaster".

The 'Hangover' star has dated several fellow thespians, including James Woods, but admits most of her relationships with guys in the industry have not gone too well.

She said: "I've had flings with actors which usually end in disaster. You meet on a film but by the end of it you're back to reality.

"But I have enjoyed some good romantic situations over the years ... Is Hollywood a more difficult place to meet men and have a real life? Yes, probably. But you can't make an acting career all-important, you have to enjoy life too. The actors I admire are not part of a machine, they are unique and individual."

Heather, 41, is currently single and admits now when she dates a guy she considers what sort of father he would make because she would like to have a baby at some point.

She added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: "I have thought about children. It would be romantic to be with someone and want to have a kid with them - and being in love enough to want to have a baby.

"I have thought about different guys on The Lines of, 'What would you be like as a father? Would they make a good parent?' Sometimes The Answer is no. I am looking for someone who would be a great dad - loving, fun and sweet."