Heather Graham is preparing herself for a second Hangover. She's signed up to star in the third film in the hugely popular Hangover franchise. Graham starred in the first of the films, alongside Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis and now, it seems, she's all set to play the role of the "sweet stripper" Jade in another forthcoming sequel. Variety revealed the news and confirmed that Ed, Zach and Bradley will be reprising their roles, with Todd Phillips in the director's chair once again.
Speaking to Access Hollywood back in March, Phillips said, "We're going to surprise a lot of people with the final chapter we have planned.It will be a fitting conclusion to our three-part opera of mayhem, despair and bad decisions." Both of the previous Hangover films have focused on an epic night out with the group, that resulted in a hangover of epic proportions, in which they have to try to piece together the missing details of their night and undo their various wrongs (which include getting a face tattoo, marrying a stripper and stealing a tiger).
Understandably, the studio bosses are making sure that the plot of the movie is kept under wraps but it's good news that Heather Graham is back on the cast list again. Some speculation has suggested the movie will follow the group as they attempt to break out Galifianakis' character from a mental asylum.