LATEST: Heath Ledger burst into tears after paparazzi attacked him with water pistols at the Australian premiere of Brokeback Mountain in Sydney earlier this year (06), according to his father. The actor's relationship with the Australian press during filming for new movie CANDY Down Under, and the paparazzi decided to have the last word at the January (06) premiere of his Oscar-nominated film. Ledger's father KIM tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper his heart was broken when his son called just hours after the run-in, saying he wanted to sell his waterfront home in Sydney and move to the US permanently. He says, "Heath had to go into the cinema and introduce that film soaking wet. He cried all night. "He rang me and said, 'Dad, that's it - sell the house.'" Ledger's father urged his son to think it over for 48 hours before making a final decision. He says, "Two days later he rang me back and said, 'Dad, it's been 47 hours and 57 minutes - sell the house.'" The luxury property was sold for AUS $7 million ($5 million/GBP2.8 million) in March (06) after Ledger relocated to Brooklyn, New York City, with his partner Michelle Williams and their daughter MATILDA.