Tragic actor Heath Ledger left secret millions stashed away for his daughter MATILDA, according to new reports.
It was feared the two-year-old would miss out on the star's fortune because Ledger never updated a will he signed off on two years before he died in January (08).
But now in depth research carried out by U.S. magazine Life + Style has unearthed new details suggesting little Matilda will inherit millions when she comes of age.
According to a source, Ledger formed the Thank You for the Trust trust shortly after Matilda's birth, making his daughter and her mother Michelle Williams co-trustees of high-priced properties he owned.
Though Ledger's will amounted to just $145,000 (GBP72,500), the smart star made sure his daughter was well provided for thanks to his properties and future income.
The insider tells the publication, "He knew exactly what he was doing when he made Matilda co-trustee. There's no way he would have left his daughter without a dime. She was the world to him."
The source says the trust Ledger created includes a $3.1 million (GBP1.55 million) home in Los Angeles, a $2 million (GBP1 million) property nearby and a duplex in Brooklyn, New York - currently valued at $4.5 million (GBP2.25 million).