Hollywood heart-throb Heath Ledger is revelling in his new role as a father, even though his waking hours are now devoted to preparing food and washing up.

The MONSTER'S BALL actor is looking after his four-week-old baby MATILDA and her mother Michelle Williams in his New York City apartment - and he has already settled into his domesticated new life.

He says, "My life right now is ... I wouldn't say reduced to food but my duties in life are that I wake up, cook breakfast, clean the dishes, prepare lunch, clean those dishes, go to the market, get fresh produce, cook dinner, clean those dishes and then sleep if I can. And I love it. I actually adore it."

After taking his new family to celebrate Christmas (25DEC05) in Montana with Williams' parents, Ledger plans to take baby Matilda to his native Australia.

He adds, "Next year my hope is to spend as much time in Australia as possible. I want to introduce Matilda to the ocean."