Heath Ledger's daughter MATILDA is to inherit all of the late actor's $16.6 million (GBP8.97 million) estate, his father has revealed.
The Dark Knight star died from an accidental drug overdose in January (08), aged 28 and it was feared two year old Matilda would miss out on her father's fortune - because he never updated a will he signed off on two years prior to her birth in October 2005.
The will amounted to just $145,000 (GBP78,380), and named his parents Kim and Sally, and his sisters as beneficiaries.
However, it was later discovered that smart Ledger had formed the Thank You for the Trust trust shortly after Matilda's birth, making his daughter and her mother Michelle Williams co-trustees of high-priced properties he owned, boosting the value of his assets to an estimated $16.6 million.
Now Ledger's father Kim has announced that his family will give everything up, so that little Matilda can inherit everything when she comes of age.
Kim confirms, "Our family has gifted everything to Matilda."