Australian heart-throb Heath Ledger will always have a special place in his heart for his latest film Brokeback Mountain, because it "brought" him to his fiancee Michelle Williams.

THE BROTHERS GRIMM star, 26, and former DAWSON'S CREEK actress Williams, 25, fell for each other last year (04) while filming their roles as ENNIS DEL MAR and his wife ALMA in the gay cowboy movie.

The couple welcomed their first child, MATILDA ROSE, into the world on Friday (28OCT05).

Ledger says, "My relationship with Michelle was something that slowly fell into place. We were brought together during this amazing story and our relationship began to unfold.

"Falling in love with Michelle had nothing to do with the environment of the film set.

"I couldn't be more excited or happier. It's a wonderful time. I've been astonished at the profound changes that have happened in my life. I'm now going to have some time off to enjoy it all."