The late actor Heath Ledger, who earned millions during his career as a film star, may have wound up with only $145,000 in assets at the time of his death, the Sydney Sunday Telegraph reported, citing will documents filed by Ledger's family in New York on February 29. The documents, according to the newspaper, list furniture and fixtures worth $20,000, a Toyota Prius worth $25,000 and $100,000 in miscellaneous bank accounts. The figure was challenged by Larry Williams, father of actress Michelle Williams, who had separated from the actor before his death and who was the mother of their child Matilda. In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Williams, a well-known stock trader, urged the Ledger family to "come clean with everything" and asked Heath's father Kim "to say where the income went and where the assets are. ... I have no idea what Heath Ledger was worth [but] they certainly haven't stated all of the assets to the court."