Heath Ledger saw six minutes of his acclaimed THE DARK KNIGHT performance before his death - and loved every second.
Producer Charles Roven sat the tragic star down while he was working in London for a screening of an edit director Christopher Nolan had cut for IMAX screens.
Roven recalls, "I showed Heath the first six minutes... the bank heist sequence, on an IMAX screen in London.
"I said, 'You have to see this...' He watched it, and it just blew his mind. He was so thrilled, he was just laughing. He said, 'I want to see it again.'"
Roven tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "We showed it to him again. That was the last time I saw him."
That was all Ledger got to see of his final completed film. The movie star died from an accidental overdose a year ago (22Jan09), months before The Dark Knight became an acclaimed box office hit.