Aussie movie hunk Heath Ledger was left humbled watching his girlfriend Michelle Williams give birth to his first child - because it made him realise how stupid men are.

The actor had an epiphany while overseeing the delivery in October (05) and came to the conclusion that women are so much better than men.

He says, "Men are so bloody hopeless in the birthing process and you come out just realising how stupid and weak we are. I might as well have not been there; we're that useless.

"It's such an intimidating process, witnessing how beautifully innate this primal strength that women have; it just exceeds anything that's within a man.

"You just feel like leaving and going to the gym and starting a war; it kind of explains our society for men over-compensating for this lack of strength we have. Except I'm not starting a war, I'm doing dishes."

But Ledger's partner Williams insists the actor isn't as useless as he thinks he is: "I do all the laundry and he does all the dishes. That's the example of how we split the chores... You need help in the first few months and Heath has really stepped up and he's doing that."