Although Warner Bros. marketing executives may have difficulty finding a tasteful way to promote the late Heath Ledger for an Oscar next year, it is virtually certain that his performance in the upcoming The Dark Knight will garner a nomination, Media by Numbers President Paul Dergarabedian told ABC News. Dergarabedian observed that Ledger's performance as The Joker in the latest Batman movie is a stand-out. "When he's on screen, you cannot take your eyes off him. And when he's off screen, you can't wait till he reappears on screen," Dergarabedian said. Before Ledger's death, he indicated, "There was this idea before that maybe he was a long shot to get a nomination. Now, if he were not to get a nomination, that would be a surprise." He acknowledged that hyping Ledger for an Oscar could prove tricky. "There's no way you're going to mount a best supporting actor campaign that has any vim or vigor and not look like you're picking the bones. The best thing to do is submit his name and leave it alone. Let the performance speak for itself."