The parents of late Australian actor Heath Ledger keep in contact with their granddaughter via video chats.

Ledger's daughter Matilda, with his ex-girlfriend Michelle Williams, was just two years old when the Brokeback Mountain star died of an overdose in 2008, and she currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with her actress mother.

However, Ledger's father, Kim, reveals the family back in Australia keeps in touch with the youngster using video calling service Skype, insisting the seven year old is particularly close to her elder cousins, Rori and Scarlett.

He tells, "The kids Skype backwards and forwards and they play act on there. The twins Skype her all the time."

Although Matilda is still young, she is already starting to take after her late dad.

He adds, "Mummy keeps her out of the limelight but she sings beautifully and dances to herself well. She looks a lot like him. She's definitely got a lot of her dad's physical characteristics, his floppy movements and his body attitude, but she's a gorgeous little girl."