Heath Ledger's family Skype the late actor's daughter regularly.

Heath's Australia-based family are close to his daughter Matilda, Seven, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her mother, actress Michelle Williams.

Heath's father, Kim, said his daughter's twins, nine-year-old Rory and Scarlett, both enjoy Skyping their cousin.

He told Us Weekly magazine: ''The kids Skype backwards and forwards and they play act on there. The twins Skype her all the time.''

Kim also said Matilda looks and acts like Heath - who died age 28, after accidentally overdosing on prescription medication.

He added: ''She looks a lot like him. She's definitely got a lot of her dad's physical characteristics, his floppy movements and his body attitude, but she's a gorgeous little girl.''

Kim - a race-car driver and mining engineer - is extremely proud of his son and amazed by the success he had with his career.

Speaking about when Heath first started acting in his teens, he continued: ''I thought there was something special about him at that point, but everybody thinks there's something special about their children and so they should.''