Australian star Heath Ledger is considering giving up homegrown movies forever after years of being harassed by the paparazzi there. The BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN star is sick of the constant media attention he receives, and reached breaking point on the set of his latest movie CANDY, director NEIL ARMFIELD reveals. The movie-maker insists Ledger's volatile relationship with the press is making it virtually impossible to film, as well as live, in Australia, and he and wife Michelle Williams are currently hiding in Los Angeles. Armfield tells, "He just felt that it was too soon to come back to Australia. It's very sad. "A couple of paparazzi (here in Australia) have sort-of realised that they can get a bit of a rise out of him. "He's a boy. and they attacked him. "We were in the middle of the third take (during a scene), and this guy jumps out of the crowd - and he gets out his camera, and yells out 'flash!'. It was the middle of the take, so therefore, he ruined the takebut then he adds 'Gotcha Ledger!' and he takes off up the street. "Heath chased him and the guy tripped over, so he (the photographer) ends up going to the police and telling them that it was physical abuse, which it wasn't."