Academy award-winning director Sydney Pollack has dropped out of his latest movie due to illness.

Pollack was working on the HBO political drama Recount which shows people affected by the presidential election recount in Florida in 2000.

However, the 73-year-old was said to be too ill to move into production although no specific details were given about his condition.

The director's spokeswoman Leslie Dart told the Reuters news agency: "He's got some medical issues. He's not feeling well right now.

"It would be unrealistic for him to go into production right away."

HBO has said that Pollack will still be involved in the project as an executive producer, with Jay Roach taking over the directing duties.

The director has won two Oscars in his career, both for the 1985 film Out of Africa which won the best director and the best picture awards.

He was also nominated for the 1982 picture Tootsie and picked up a number of nods from Bafta for Cold Mountain.

07/08/2007 14:36:39