Saddled by generally poor reviews and equally poor word of mouth among adults who have seen it, Paramount has canceled plans to expand Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones on Friday and will instead do so on January 15 to give its marketing staff time to ramp up a new advertising and publicity campaign focusing on the one group that has reacted positively to it -- young females, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Thursday). The film is currently playing in just three theaters in Los Angeles and New York, where it has collected just $218,774 after 12 days. The Times noted that Paramount is revising its marketing campaign based on tracking surveys and test screenings showing that 13-to-20-year-old girls have a strong interest in seeing the movie, which centers on a teenager living in the Inbetween (a realm between Earth and heaven) after she is brutally raped and murdered by a man living in her neighborhood.