Italian-American activists, who failed in their bid to rub out The Sopranos when that show first turned up on HBO, are now joining hands to shoot down Jersey Shore -- and they have now won the support of the borough of Seaside Heights, where the reality show is produced. In a statement, Borough Administrator John Camera said on Tuesday that the borough didn't invite MTV to use it as a location. "The production company that filmed the show did obtain a shoot permit to film in Seaside Heights, but these permits must be issued as it is a first amendment right to film in public places." Camera added that the borough "does not condone any discriminatory remarks against Italian Americans, domestic violence or the promiscuous and otherwise bad behavior portrayed on the show." Since the controversy over the show's depiction of Italian-American youths began ratings have nearly doubled -- from 1.3 million for its debut episode to last week's 2.5 million.