Jay-Z wants his neighbours to think he is a gangster.

The '99 Problems' star was so furious when local residents objected to him moving into an apartment building, he deliberately tries to antagonise them as often as possible.

He said: "Me neighbours didn't want me in the building, it was a whole big thing, it was really racist. They didn't want me in so I bought the biggest place there.

"They have a board and voting is based on how much of the property share you have so I have the biggest share and I go down just to vote on things I don't care about just to tick 'em off.

"I guess they think I'm having parties and there's shootings going on, but I have normal breakfasts and lunches. My friends come over - accountants and bankers - and I make them all wear black so the neighbours think they're gangsters. It's fun."

Despite his problems, Jay-Z - who is married to Beyonce Knowles - insists he will never leave his home.

He added: "I live in New York. New York is just the centre of the world for me, I'll always live there."