Calling on Jay Leno to consider his own Italian-American heritage, UNICO (Unity, Neighborliness, Integrity, Clarity, and Opportunity), has called on the Tonight show host to take a stand against the MTV reality series Jersey Shore . In a statement released today (Monday), UNICO, the nation's largest Italian-American organization, denounced Leno's interview with the cast of the show last week. "These miscreants and the disgraceful 'reality' show they represent are a major insult to, not only Italian Americans, but any respectable individual," UNICO National President Andre' DiMino said in the official statement. It is, he added, "a slight to [the memory of Leno's paternal grandparents] to glorify these bimbos and buffoons who have made it their life's work to perpetuate negative stereotyping of Italian Americans." The statement concluded with the plea "Please, Mr. Leno, do the right thing!"