LATEST: Former OZ star GRANVILLE ADAMS, who allegedly pushed a man to his death in an elevator shaft last Saturday (03FEB07), insists he was acting in self-defence. The actor, who played ZAHIR ARIF on the US network HBO prison drama series, says the man's death was accidental and caused by a faulty elevator. Adams was arraigned yesterday (04FEB07) in Manhattan Criminal Court on a charge of criminally negligent homicide in connection with the death of ORLANDO VALLE early Saturday morning. The 43-year-old was acting as a host at New York City nightclub BED when he was attacked with a glass object on the back of the head and then felt someone climb on his back, whom he threw off. Adam's lawyer, EDWARD KENT, claims his client didn't "push" the person, who turned out to be Valle, into the elevator doors, but Valle hit the doors with enough force to make them open and he then fell into the empty five-story elevator shaft. According to the police report, Valle suffered from "a fractured back, pelvis, and skull" and later died in hospital.