TiVo's deal with Blockbuster went into limited operation Tuesday as subscribers were provided a list of movie titles that they could begin downloading for around $3.00-4.00 each to rent and $15.00 to buy. In a statement, Bruce Anderson, the head of Blockbuster On Demand, said, "We're thrilled to give consumers another way to enjoy the movies they want most now with the convenience of their TiVo remote control in the comfort of their living room." TiVo has a separate deal with Netflix, the largest online movie renter, but unlike its deal with Blockbuster, which requires customers to download movies before they can view them, Netflix allows its titles to be streamed immediately via certain TiVo models. Meanwhile, as of Tuesday, subscribers to the Canadian pay-TV channel The Movie Network -- a kind of HBO for Canada -- were able to watch movies on demand via their computers.